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Q + A - examination question of Organic Farming (test version in text form only)



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e-Learning test set:
test quiz about Organic Farming

TEST QUIZ ABOUT TOPIC of Organic Farming

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1. What is organic production ?

compost preparation

vegetable plant cultivation

an agricultural system that seeks to provide the consumers with fresh, tasty and authentic produce (food) while respecting natural life-cycle systems.

intensive production of herbs

2. What is organic certification:

certification of the technology for intensive production of herbs

certification of the territory used for herb production

general legal framework for the production of herbs

3. What does the auditing mean ?

the use of audio-visual apparatus to monitor the production

the use of video surveillance to monitor the production

the inspection (auditing) of production by independent accredited third party

4. The aims of organic farming objectives and principles is:

to minimize the human impact on the environment, while ensuring the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible

to maximize the human impact on the environment to ensure that the agricultural system operates as naturally as possible

to increase efficacy, transparency and consumer confidence

5. The most important steps of starting organic herb production include:

adding compost and/or other organic materials to the soil,

choosing viable and vigorous seedlings/transplants

securing optimal growth conditions for healthy plants

avoiding the use of mulch to allow the growth of viable plants, including weeds

using only organic pesticides and companion planting to deter the insect population

6. Farming practices are manifold. They include the following main forms:

wide crop rotation

absolute prohibition of the use of GMO

restricted use of chemical synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers

choosing disease resistant plant materials that are adapted to local conditions

choosing the best, high yielding, resistant GMO bred plant materials

7. What does the expression “organic conversion” denote ?

producing herbs for a short period of time

converting synthetic fertilizers into organic ones

transition from conventional to organic gardening by adopting organic production techniques

8. When does the organic period begin ?

at the date of the notification to the certification body

it begins automatically by the vegetative propagation

it begins irrespective of the declaration of the certification body

9. Which of the following statements is true ?

organic herbs can be grown only indoors

organic herbs can be grown only outdoors

organic herbs can be grown both indoors and outdoors

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